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M&DHS operates the Maffra Sugar Beet Museum, part of the Local History Collection at the Maffra Library, and a Dairy Museum at the Robotic Dairy at Winnindoo.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sorting Photos


We have been doing some sorting at the Museum. Last Sunday, inspired by Jeremy's work fitting the shelves in the strong room (hard to photograph, but will try soon), we got out all the photographs from our Centenary of Federation Exhibition, and tried to sort them into groups. These are the photographs of various Maffra groups - both historical and modern, which form a wonderful snapshot of 2001.

But there are a lot of them - so we used them to "populate" the chairs in the small room, and are now busy working out which ones will form temporary exhibitions in the future. And writing names on the reverse in soft lead pencil - which is quite safe, as all are block mounted for display.

Then we will catalogue them ......


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