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M&DHS operates the Maffra Sugar Beet Museum, part of the Local History Collection at the Maffra Library, and a Dairy Museum at the Robotic Dairy at Winnindoo.

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Maffra Show

We had an absolutely super time at the Maffra Show on Saturday to end History Week. Many thanks to Judy from Stratford, who made it possible with her ute, and was with us for the day, and to Margaret from Briag who was also lending a hand.

We were perfectly positioned in the food court, with Glenmaggie Wines (nice neighbours) next to us, and plenty of good food options on the other - and even the Galloping Bean about twenty steps away for coffee.

Oh Yes - and we did talk to a lot of people about history too. We will be back there next year.


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