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Friday, November 13, 2009

Sorting things out

Strongroom, MSB

Jeremy has just finished a much-needed refit of the Strong Room at the Museum, so we are finally able to sort out some of the boxes of "stuff" awaiting attention.

These include a series of records, just catalogued:

00702 Ledgers of the Sale Co-operative Butter Factory, 1942-1948, showing amounts paid to local businesses.

00703 Share Register, Heyfield Co-operative Butter Factory and Electricity Supply Company 1930-1955, giving name and address of shareholder, number of shares, and often details of transfer on death, bankruptcy etc.

00704 Share Register, Heyfield Co-op (as above), 1920-1930

00705 Share Register, Heyfield Co-op (as above), 1916-1921

00706 Share Register, Maffra Co-operative Butter Factory (similar to above), 1920-1943

00707 Minute Book, Heyfield Co-operative Butter Factory, 1954 - 1960 (when it was amalgamated with other factories)

00708 Minute Book, Heyfield Co-op, 1935-1954

These can be inspected on the first Sunday of the month at the Museum, 10am to 2pm, or by appointment. An out-of-hours opening fee applies. Lookups can be provided from these records, in return for a research fee. Please see our website for research fees.

While we were at it, we have brought the 1966 aerial photograph of Maffra, and mounted it on the wall in the second room. It is amazing the change that has occurred over those 43 years.

Aerial Photo, MSB


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