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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Complete List of Factory Books

We have finally finished sorting the Butter and Cheese Factory books that are held at the Museum. For the record, the complete list appears below. These can only be viewed on the first Sunday of the month, and having the reference numbers with you that appear on the end of the line will make sure that no matter who is on duty, they can be found.

Heyfield Co-operative Butter Factory

Share Register OR, 1916-1921 (00705, AB004)
Share Register NL No 1, 1920-1930 (00704, AB004)
Share Register NL No 2, 1930-1955 (00702, AB004)
Share Register, not dated, but transfers in 1940s/1950s. (00720, AB005)

Minute Books (3) 1892-1935 (00719, AB005)
Minute Book 1935-1954 (00708, AB004)
Minute Book 1954-1960 (00707, AB004)

Debenture Index, 1955-1968 (00709, AB004)

Maffra Co-operative Butter Factory

Share Register 1920-1923 (00706, AB004)
Preference Share Register, 1925 (00715, AB005)
Financial Journal 1922-1928 (00716, AB005)

Sale Co-operative Butter Factory

Ledger 1942-1948 (00702, next to AB004)

Upper Maffra [Newry] Co-operative Butter and Cheese Factory

Share Register 1920-1950 (00711, AB005)

Unknown Factory

Account and Contra Book, 1914-1924. (00721, AB005)


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