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Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Trucks and Tankers are Coming!

Our new book, Maffra Milk Trucks and Tankers, is almost finished. It is now 70 pages (single-sided), with over 65 of those pages each featuring one truck/tanker photograph from our collection. Our latest discovery (thanks Ross!) is to identify this truck at Willsmere c.1922 as a Daimler. Under very careful examination we can see the fluting on the radiator distinctive of Daimlers - now that we know what we are looking for.

The book is comb-bound in landscape format, and will retail at $24 plus $3.50 package and posting. We will be releasing it during History Week, on Sunday 28 October at the Federation Picnic at the Gippsland Vehicle Collection. Although there just might be a couple of sneaky pre-release functions - such as on 14 October at the Stratford Heritage Farm Day, or on the afternoon of Thursday 26 October at the Maffra Library, when we will be showing old photos - more about that soon.


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