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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Release of Irrigation photographs

The Society is excited to be releasing not one, but three new books at the Maffra Show tomorrow.

The Heyfield Irrigation Alum, a large photograph Album from 1948 to 1952 is now being shown as a Powerpoint presentation, with two books to match - available by order only.

The first is a 109 page high-quality computer printout of the whole presentation, featuring select photographs in album order - there are over 650 in total, so this is only a small selection. This sells for $25. Delivery is free in the Maffra area, please add $6 if postage is required.

The second is a half-size facsimile of the whole album, reproducing each page similar to above. The photographs are small, but all captions are legible. This gives a detailed history of an important time in Heyfield's history, and of irrigation in general. This is 69 pages, and sells for $20. Free delivery in the Maffra area, or please add $5 if postage is required.

We will be having these printed as required, so please allow several weeks for the order to forwarded.

The majority of the album can also be seen online.


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