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Friday, April 12, 2013

Maffra Copying Stand

Maffra copying stand

For those who are wondering - this is the copying stand we are using - an old and very good Lupo from about 20 years or more ago, in the days of film cameras.

We changed the globes to cool white (at $28 each) and are waiting for extensions from the USA to lengthen the camera post to take the biggest books, but apart from that, it is great. It was gathering dust in the back shed, and has made us realise what else we can now copy.

Also, for those wondering - that is a member's expensive Nikkon on there. Which manages to do just as good  job as another member's small "point and click" Cannon.

AND (Late Note) we have now seen Yarram Historical Society's Cannon "PowerShot" in action, and it is pretty darn good too, as a mid-range camera. This is the one the PRO recommended when we rang, if we had to buy a camera. We haven't had to, but it was good to see it in action. 

We are in the process of documenting what we need to do with the images, once they are captured. If anyone else has some written procedures for this, would they be willing to share? Happy to send ours along to anyone else.


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