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Saturday, November 17, 2012

WSHN - Interim Calendar

Wellington Shire Heritage Network

2012-2013 Calendar

CAUTION - this post will be regularly updated as events come to hand. Hopefully the calendar will be e-mailed out to members once it is finalised.

This draft 17 November 

Now: The Chrysler Exhibition is on at the Gippsland Vehicle Collection, Maffra.

23 Nov, Fri  Significance Assessment Forum at Centre for Gippsland Studies. (e-mail Linda for details)

Feb to March Phillip and Lucy Pepper Exhibition from PROV at Stratford Museum

16 Feb WSHN meeting - venue to be confirmed. 

18/19 Feb PROV two-day workshop at Stratford. Details to come.

22 Feb  Applications close for RHSV Banner Grants. Application Forms were enclosed with Nov-Dec copy of History News.

1 March  Applications open for Holsworth Trust grants (up to $2,000 for publishing local history). See RHSV website.

March Display at GVC (The Shed, Maffra), changes to the Sixties.
May Shakespeare Festival at Stratford

18 May Gippsland Affiliated Historical Societies Annual Meeting at Foster.

18 May - was to be WSHN meeting - to be confirmed.

May – June “I saw the Queen” Exhibition from PROV at Stratford Museum

June  Digitisation of Gippsland Guardian due to be finished.

July Continental vehicles arrive at GVC (The Shed, Maffra)

31 July Applications close for Holsworth Trust grants (up to $2,000 for  publishing local history). See RHSV website.

17 Aug, Sat. WSHN meeting - Venue TBA

Oct Scottish Festival at Glenmaggie

13 Oct Federation Picnic at GVC Maffra 

20 – 27 Oct History Week (

20 Oct, Sun. Heritage Farm Day at Stratford

26 Oct, Sat. WSHN History Week event: "Taking History to the People" via stand for all members at the Maffra Show.

Nov: American Vehicles arrive at GVC Maffra

16 Nov, Sat.  WSHN meeting - Venue TBA

Please e-mail Linda ASAP with any further dates - even if they are only approximate.


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