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Friday, November 9, 2012

The Big Flood, Day 2

Today I spent at the Library HQ in Sale, where all the library's water-damaged books from the local collection were taken. Again it was a case of assess the books first - what could be saved, and what should have priority for being saved. Was it the only copy in the collection? Was it still in print, and therefore available elsewhere?

Then, a start was made on trying to get them dry. Which is when we discovered a wonderful method for the small books. Simply acquire some clothes-horses, line them all up, cover with plastic (two disposable party tablecloths), put a fan on cool at one end, and leave the other end open. Preferably vent to a door outside.  Voila! One of the best wind tunnels we have seen. (The only one I have previously used was one or two ropes between chairs, and a plastic drop sheet. This is miles better.

So, on the way home I went to The Reject Shop, where I have bought two 29-line clothes horses for $12 each. They will not take heavy books, but will take a heck of a lot of brochures. They are off to the Museum tomorrow tomorrow, where I hear Carol, Spencer and John have been at work, and things are drying out very well.

STRONG HINT - go any buy yourselves a couple of these clothes horses if you have a large documentary collection. Or even just one. They store flat behind a cupboard. One day, they may save a big part of your collection. We have only been successful because we have been able to move quickly.

More tomorrow. I have a pile of the most important books that have come home with me for insertion of sheets of kitchen paper to start wicking out the water.


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