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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Burgoyne Family

The Society has received an enquiry about the Burgoyne family at Maffra, with two later branches marrying into the McMichael family at Licola (so Linda knows them pretty well).

The photograph above is of the Burgoyne home on the Macalister River below Burgoynes Gap on the Licola Road. The site has since been re-roofed and had a verandah erected.

The family consists of Thomas Burgoyne (1833-1893, died Maffra) and Mary Ann Moore (1834-1924, died Maffra). Associated family names known for the next generation are McMichael, Teychenne and Graham.

We know Thomas was connected with the first Maffra Cheese Factory in the 1870s, which was somewhere on Finchley (we think).

If anyone is connected with the family, and wishes to be put in contact with the enquirer, who is descended from a sister of  Mary Ann Moore, please contact the Society. Any further information would also be appreciated.


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