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Monday, June 28, 2010

Maffra Memorial Hall

In a recent comment, Lenore of The Empire Called blog asked for more about the Maffra Memorial Hall. So when we spotted this photograph during cataloging yesterday, we thought it ideal for a post.


This shows the hall, not long after construction, with the original Mechanics' Institute, on the left. Although there is also a suggestion that was the first shire hall, before the shire moved down the street, and it then became the mechanics'.

However .......

What took our eye was that there is something missing from the early photograph, that can clearly be seen today in the modern building. It is now the library.


So, just in case you cannot see it:


The granite pillars, mentioned on the optus sectile honour board inside as part of the memorial, were not added during the construction of the hall, but later.

The foundation stones were laid in 1922, so the early photograph would have been taken around 1923-1924.

Wonder if there are any similar memorial halls around, either with pillars at the entrance, or where space was left for pillars, but none were put in place.


Blogger Lenore said...

What a beaut picture. I love the bicycles propped against the walls. Isn't it amazing to think those solid granite columns aren't holding anything up. I wonder are they Harcourt Granite? I recall reading a quite interesting account of a visit to Harcourt, talking about the granite quarries, by a group down your way, published in their newsletter. I can't quite recall which group, but maybe Yallourn, Moe, Traralgon? I expect the quarries were flat out with orders for granite memorials when the memorial hall was built.

Now what I want to know is what the bridgy looking thing is in front of the Mechanics Institute? Is it a bridge over a gully, or some sort of contraption to aid the mounting of horses? Or something else altogether? I've seen something, not exactly the same, in front of a hotel, and I wondered if it was meant to assist mounting horses or carriages, or stage coaches.

Your one appears to be too close to the building to have had vehicles involved. Or am I completely barking up the wrong tree and it is just a little bridge over a gutter?

June 29, 2010 at 6:21 AM  

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