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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Show us your Centrifuges!

There is a great post over on From Farm to Factory, which coindcidentally shows what we think are three Herd Testing Centrifuges on a bottom shelf. We love shots of other collections, as you spot all sorts of things like this.

The one in the middle looks like this one, that we have out at our dairy display at Winnindoo. It is a Wizard Tester, from the USA, and is water-powered. Although it has a 1904 prize-date on it, we know it was in use in the 1940s at Mewburn Park.


There are other centrifuges around - the earliest one we have seen is a Babcock at Stratford, and another similar, but probably later one at Old Gippstown. Plus a box at Old Gippstown - anyone else got one?

We've shown you ours - anyone else able to post one?