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Friday, June 24, 2011

Gippsland and Northern

Our friends over at From Farm to Factory have been speculating on the history of Gippsland and Northern, better known locally as G&N.

The little bit I have been able to dig up, it seems they grew out of the Gippsland Co-operative Selling Company (formed 1905) to be the Gippsland and Northern Co-operative Selling Company by 1910. I know John Rahilly of Glenmaggie was a founding director, through his directorship of the Heyfield Co-operative.

And that we have a few milking machine parts:


This is the tag on one of them, at the Robotic Dairy Centre at Winnindoo.

And we have a file I am yet to examine about their acquisition of Thomas Standing and Co from Newmarket.

Does anyone know anything else of their history?

FINAL RESULT: The Gippsland Co-operatives was formed in 1904-1905, and took over the North East Victorian equivalent in 1911, to form Gippsland and Northern.

G&N traded until 1992, when it was taken over by Dalgety's, which was in turn taken over a short time later by Landmark.