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M&DHS operates the Maffra Sugar Beet Museum, part of the Local History Collection at the Maffra Library, and a Dairy Museum at the Robotic Dairy at Winnindoo.

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Psssst! Want to see our Rates Books????

As part of National Family History Month, Wellington Shire Library Service will be hosting the Maffra and District Historical Society at the Maffra Library, Johnson St, Maffra, from 1.30pm to 3pm on Thursday 22 August.

We will be taking the opportunity to show a range of examples of the types of information to be found in the Rates Books from the former Maffra Shire, recently copied. And, if time permits, we will also update people on our work on photographs of the first block in our Johnson Street research.

Please RSVP to Maffra Library on 03-5147 1052 for catering purposes.

And, just as a teaser, we showed a section of an early rate book page HERE, when we started.

We thought you might just like to know how it ended up - here is a random shot (in other words, not specially chosen) of the book from 1948-1952. Enjoy!

(Late Note, for those becoming excited about Margaret Pendlebury, above, a carpenter. In 1943, when the previous book was compiled, this property was owned by Kenneth Pendlebury, carpenter. It was transferred, probably some time in 1946, to Margaret Pendlebury. At the same time land in the same street, in the name of Charles Matthew Pendlebury was transferred to Thomas Edwin Cyril Pendlebury. So when this roll was compiled in 1947, the term "carpenter" was probably incorrectly carried over. Would have made a good story!)

We did think, however, that this is the best pick of the miscellaneous pieces of information we found randomly inserted. The Heyfield and District  Co-operative Butter Factory was a progressive and important part of Heyfield. But even in 1951, it would have been unusual for the all-male directors of a company to decide to give votes to which they were entitled in council elections, so that a woman had the opportunity to vote.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Saffon, Quirk, Clarke etc

The Society currently has an enquiry about the descendents of Ellen Ford, through her marriage to William Saffon (the grave at Blanket Hill, north of Glenmaggie) and Edward Penders (or possibly Pendergast) at Tarraville.

There were four children - a son killed young on the Walhalla Road, possibly without issue, and three girls. They married into the Quirk, Clarke and Hogan / Lyon families, who all lived in Maffra. One family in the next generation of Quirks was the Shingles family.

If you wish to share information, please feel free to contact the Society.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wellington Shire Heritage Network

Wellington Shire has released a brochure giving details of 25 members of the Wellington Shire Heritage Network, with contact details, opening hours etc.

Want to know where/when to find us, other historical societies, family history groups and small local contact groups?

Would you like a copy to help you plan your research or visit to the area? Send a stamped, self-addressed business-size envelope to us at P.O. Box 321, Maffra, Vic 3860, and we will send a copy to you in the mail. We may even include some other literature on the area/society as well.

In the local area you can pick up a copy at your local Visitor Information Centre.